Welcome to Bubble Bags Australia and New Zealand

The Australian home of the original Bubble Bags™

The highest quality plant essence extractors in the world.

Highest quality means our bags are constructed of the highest quality materials so they will not rip or pop stitches on you like our competitors will and they will deliver you the highest quality of your final product allowing you to use the Bubble Bags over 100 time at least and thus paying for themselves quickly.  We also always offer very high quality and personal customer support to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.
This website is the official distributor of the original Bubble Bags in Australia and New Zealand, only this website and our resellers listed here sell the official Bubble Bag brand.  We are the one and only brand worldwide legally allowed to call itself Bubble Bags and only our brand has the embroidered Bubble Bag logo  on each bag and the carrying case, this way you know you are not getting a cheap imitation that will fall apart on you after a few uses.

Some important things to know about Bubble Bags:

  • Produce the world’s finest herbal extract with no contaminants or chemicals – all you need is ice and water.
  • Our 8 bag kits allow you to separate your herbal extract into 7 different grades – different plants have varying crystal sizes so this will let you keep the best possible extract from your garden.
  • Bubble Bags™ 4 bag kits are specially designed to produce the best possible quality of extract for our customers who prefer a streamlined, more cost-effective process.
  • Our screens are top quality German monofilament screens.
  • The polyester screen is heat stamped to keep the fibers from shifting, retaining a consistent pore size and preventing contamination of your extracts.
  • Bubble Bags™ use the strongest nylon fabric. Our nylon sidewalls are 100% waterproof, 800 thread count nylon for the 5 and 20 gallon bags and 400 thread count for the 1 gallon bags. The waterproof coating is PVC free.
  • Triple stitched with 100% nylon bonded thread for extra strength.
  • Bubble Bags™ can be used for years, 100 times or more
  • Is a cold water filtration system, thus no heat is used to damage the trichomes
  • Completely organic, no chemical solvents or gases
  • Quick, Easy, Efficient, entire process takes under an hour
  • Known for superior quality over all other water extraction systems
  • Sold worldwide in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Japan